Districts and Schools

Roseville Joint Union High School District

1750 Cirby Way, Roseville, CA 95661 
Phone:  (916) 786-2051  Fax: (916) 786-2681

Adelante High School
Antelope High School
Chalenge High School
Granite Bay High School
Independence High School
Oakmont High School
Roseville Adult School
Roseville High School
Woodcreek High School

Board of Trustees
Aguilera, Rene Term Expires: 2016
Huber, Scott Clerk Term Expires: 21018
Park, Linda President Term Expires: 2018
Pinney, R. Jan Term Expires: 2016
Stauss, Paige Term Expires: 2016
Severson, Ron Superintendent 916-782-8882
Basham, Brad Executive Director, Personnel Services 916-782-6565 Ext. 1057
Landon, Joe Executive Director, Business Services 916-782-6565 Ext. 1021
Laughrea, Suzanne Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction 916-782-6565 Ext. 1042
Montgomery, John Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instr 916-782-5979
Stevens, Gary Assistant Superintendent, Business Services 916-782-5096
Williams, Steve Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services 916-782-8663
Administrative Office Staff
Aldy, Merilyn Administrative Secretary III, Personnel 916-782-8663
Hobbs, Gail Administrative Secretary III, Curriculum 916-782-5979
Huber, Barbara Executive Assistant to Superintendent 916-782-8882
Jungsten, Laura Administrative Secretary III, Business 916-782-5096
Tomasello, Nicole Administrative Secretary III, Curriculum 916-782-5979
Classified Management
Blockton, Shannon Communications Coordinator 916-782-6565 Ext. 1012
Brown, Jay Director, Food Services 916-782-5158
Davis, Scott Director, Facilities Development 916-782-4707
Gruchow, Brian Director, Maintenance, Operations & Transport 916-786-6589
Ham, Tony Director, Technology 916-786-8050
Knapp, Kris Assistant Director, Maintenance & Operations 916-786-6589
Surwillo, Sherie Director, Classified Personnel 916-782-6565 Ext. 1055
TBD, Manager, Construction Projects 916-782-4707
Tejes, Greg Accounting Manager 916-782-6565 Ext. 1025
District Wide Services
Fischer, Judy Coordinator, Consolidated Programs &Testing 916-786-5181 Ext. 1361
Office Staff
Cosgro, Tina Administrative Assistant II 916-782-6565 Ext. 1052
DeMartini, Cynthia Accountant I 916-782-6565 Ext. 1029
Elkins, James Payroll Technician (A-K) 916-782-6565 Ext. 1030
Enck, Julie Account Technician 916-782-6565 Ext. 1027
Hunkins, Justine Payroll Technician (L-Z) 916-782-6565 Ext. 1023
Jones, Kim Administrative Assistant II 916-782-6565 Ext. 1053
Kolster, Eleanor Account Technician (ASB) 916-782-6565 Ext. 1022
Moses, Kim Admin. Asst./Receptionist 916-786-2051 Ext. 1000
Newton, Christine Personnel Technician 916-782-6565 Ext. 1056
Pierson, Susan Payroll Technician (Benefits) 916-782-6565 Ext. 1028
Sutton, Angela Account Technician 916-782-6565 Ext. 1026